Drop Off – FOR FREE

Home Electronics
CPU’s, Laptops, Servers, A/V Equipment, Desktop printers, Fax machines, Telephones, Cellphones, PDA’s, Portable Audio, Keyboard, Mice, CD drives, DVD Drives, Monitors and TV’s.

Small Metal Household Appliances
Kettles, toasters, toasters ovens, blenders, clothes irons (plastic handles acceptable)

Power Cords

Household Metals
Pots and Pans (both electric and stove top), Baking sheets, water taps, and hand tools,

Power Tools
Drill, saw, sander, planer, nailer, stapler, grinder, sharpener, router … electric, air and battery operated (batteries removed)

Cardboard and Paper

Drop Off – FOR A FEE

White Styrofoam – White Styrofoam Only, No Colored, Egg Cartons or Meat trays

Childs car seats – all strapping, metal and foam removed

Glass jars

Household plastics – no clamshell or bags

Items we CANNOT accept at this time:

– Hazardous Waste

– Electric toothbrushes
– Hair dryers or Straighteners
– Razors
– Food mixers
– Vacuum cleaners
– Lamps
– Radium dials
– Smoke detectors
– Mercury switches
– Capacitors
– Batteries
– Ballasts
– Aerosol Containers
– Propane Tanks
– Gas Tanks
– Pipes with lead

With the EcoCentre on site, Crown Shred & Recycling can accept up to 500 L used oil; antifreeze;  filters and used oil containers.  At this time, Drums of used oil are NO LONGER accepted. 

Used oil materials can be dropped off during Crown Shred & Recycling’s regular operating hours of 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday to Friday, and Saturday from 9:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Companies with larger volumes can contact a registered collector to pick up from their place of business.

Pricing structure for the EcoCentre.

  • Used oil – No Charge
  • Filters – No Charge
  • Oil, antifreeze, diesel exhaust fluid jugs and pails  – No Charge
  • Automotive antifreeze – No Charge


We do not take unlisted items. Place used filters inside building. DO NOT drop off any unapproved items.

Our Collection Process

  • The customer is expected to empty used oil into the large drum.
  • Put the used oil container into the proper disposal bag.
  • For all other types of deliveries the customer must report to the office for proper direction.

Please note: This area is under 24 hour camera surveillance