We are working to set up our drop off center to operate safely and efficiently, due to current staffing schedules we are unable to serve you over the lunch hour but are working to resume our regular service hours.

Drop Off – FOR FREE
Home Electronics – CPU’s, Laptops, Servers, A/V Equipment, Desktop printers, Fax machines, Telephones, Cellphones, PDA’s, Portable Audio, Keyboard, Mice, CD drives, DVD Drives, Monitors and TV’s.
Power Cords

***WE are UNABLE to accept Residential Recycling at this time***

Drop off – FOR A FEE

Items we CANNOT accept at this time:

– Hazardous Waste
– Electric toothbrushes
– Hair dryers or Straighteners
– Razors
– Food mixers
– Vacuum cleaners
– Lamps
– Radium dials
– Smoke detectors
– Mercury switches
– Capacitors
– Batteries
– Ballasts
– Aerosol Containers
– Propane Tanks
– Gas Tanks
– Pipes with lead
– Pots and Pans (both electric and stove top), Baking sheets, water taps, and hand tools.
– Cardboard and Paper – for residential customers only
– White Styrofoam – White Styrofoam Only, No Colored, Egg Cartons or Meat trays
– Childs car seats – all strapping, metal and foam removed
– Glass jars
– Household plastics – no clamshell or bags